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Take a look at the job postings from our partner companies and feel free to apply. Send your CV to  For more information about these or other job openings, please, contact our support team.


iOS developer - Topal
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• Proven experience with iOS frameworks • Proficiency with Objective • Ability to collaborate with the team

HR Assistant - Human resource EDU
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• Education in human resource management or related field • Superb organizational skills • Willingness to learn and grow with the team

Call center - Bluearrow 
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• Excellent verbal communication skills • Ability to work under pressure • Data entry skills • Knowledge of relevant tools is an asset

Receptionist /Reservation Agent - See Me CV
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• Education in service or tourism • 2 years of proven experience • Communication and organizational skills • Ability to work under pressure • Knowledge of languages is an asset

SMM specialist - Onlypult  
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• Education in marketing, communications or related field • Proven experience as a social media marketing specialist • Excellent writing and editing skills • Basic design skills

Project Manager - Skilled Career 
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• Proven Work Experience in construction, interior design or related field • Excellent communication and management skills • PMP or other certifications are a great asset

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